What I Learned At A Town Hall Meeting

Posted: March 3, 2016 in Articles
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WorkComic1Tonight we went to a town hall meeting to discuss some issues with our city council members.

I went just to find out what our city council members were like and to hear the answers they were going to give to the people who asked questions.

I learned a few things tonight. I learned that city council members make a lot of money. In fact, our city council members make right around $140,000.00. I am still wondering what they do all day long, every day, to earn that amount of money.

I am also still wondering why they kept calling themselves “public servants” and saying “… after all, we just want to serve you, the public” when everyone who spoke from the audience was upset about what these public servants were doing to ruin their lives.

I learned that our city council members only knew how to give two answers. Oh yeah, the wording was slightly different, but there were really only two answers.

The first answer was, “We understand your concern and we are working closely with the fill-in-the-blank to resolve it.” The second answer was, “We promise we are going to talk about that at our next fill-in-the-blank meeting.”

Some people were angry and frustrated. Some people were disgusted. A lot of people were looking at these people’s paychecks and people were commenting that they had just given themselves a 10% raise.

Our policeman friend was there with us. He got a 1% raise, same as our dad.

It was sometime last night when I inquired of myself: why do these public servants deserve such a hefty raise? Well, because they are selling our town out for money, that’s why.

Wait… what?

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