Spring Project #1 – Workbench

Posted: February 27, 2016 in Yard and Garden
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Today, my dad and I made a workbench for our garage. Mainly, he needed a table on which to operate his new 10″ compound sliding miter saw with laser that he got for Christmas from some of us kids.

To make his workbench (and other spring building projects), he bought a new tool called a Kreg Jig K4. This tool is used to create strong joints when joining wood and is useful for wooden frames, furniture, and various other wood working projects. He had heard about it before, but for this particular project (the table on which to operate his new 10″ ) he needed it.

It’s a pretty nice tool, and we could have really used it when building our chicken tractor. In the future, it will make our building projects easier.

This is what we accomplished today:

As you can see, we have the compound sliding miter saw partially set up, and we even used it. The laser is so that the cuts can be really precise (the pink line on the wood), and indeed, they are. The cuts are also very clean. It’s quite a nice saw.

In one of the pictures, you will notice a board screwed in along the table. This is a fence and it serves a dual purpose. One is to make little cupboards in which to store nails and other things, and another is to make a level surface on which to lay the boards when we want to cut them. This surface will also be level with the surface of the saw which you put boards on. In other words, it will help us saw boards.

Today it was supposed to be in the upper 40’s, but it felt pretty cold all day long….

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