Low-Flying Police Helicopter

Posted: February 26, 2016 in Articles
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A few days ago there was a very loud helicopter noise outside of our house. It was much louder than any other helicopter we’ve heard before, so we went to a window to take a look. As it turns out, there was a police helicopter circling a portion of our yard and our neighbors’ yards, but it was flying really low. At one point it was even lower than it is in the pictures. Thankfully, it went up; otherwise, it may have hit our pine trees.

We were kind of wondering why this helicopter was circling around this area and were hoping that no one had escaped from prison in a joking way. We hadn’t heard about anything in the news before it started, and after it happened we also didn’t hear anything.

Then I read that sometimes police are looking for drug growers. They can see how much heat is coming from a certain area and sometimes they will suspect that a person is growing marijuana.

We were just hoping that they hadn’t seen a thermal spike our grow lights could have been causing and mistaken that for some illegal activity going on in our house!

Just a little paranoia, because the police helicopter flew over to our neighbor’s yard and hovered there for a while before it went on its way.

We never found out what they were doing, but we sure hope we don’t see it flying so low again. By the way, a police helicopter is blue and white.

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