Safeway Monopoly – Winning Big!

Posted: February 7, 2016 in Articles
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After Safeway’s very own version of Green Stamps ended, they came out with a new way to get people to spend more money. This is sort of like the Monopoly promotion that McDonald’s did years ago. It’s based off of the game, Monopoly, and when you spend money, you get little stickers that go on a paper board they give you. The groups of stickers go in alphabetical order from A to Z with an addition of ? and $. There are in general four stamps for each letter, and 8 of both ? and $.

Once you collect all the stamps for one letter/symbol, you can redeem it for a prize, anywhere from $25 cash to $1,000,000 cash. There are also occasionally special bonus codes which you can enter on a website and win something.

Upon entering a code we got, we saw this joyous news:

We were very excited to have won something, but when we looked at what we had won, it turned out to only be two extra game tickets. I thought it was kind of a pathetic prize, but oh well, at least it was something.

Anyway, I’m hoping we get the $ prize – $1,000,000. We have only four more stamps to go!

Nothing like hoping to get something for nothing 🙂

  1. Won 1000 dollar grocery card im emplyee still havent received it

  2. Edward says:

    Updated missing list $618H ?625G A502C B506B C513D D515A E525E F528C For big stuff
    Z608B Y603A X602D W597C V592B U590D T585C S579A
    Mid stuff
    R575A Q573C P568B O565C N562D M556B L551A K549C H538D I541C
    Little stuff.
    Willing to traid buy even split winnings. Pm or me.

  3. Edward says:

    I need $618H ?625G A502C B506B C513D D515A E525E F528C For big stuff
    Z607A Y603A X602D W597C V592B U590D T585C S579A
    Mid stuff
    R575A Q573C P568B O565C N562D M556B L551A K549C H538D I541C
    Little stuff.

    I have everything except what I listed
    Willing to traid buy even split winnings. My email

  4. Angel says:

    I just need $ 613A 618h. ?622D 624G N562D, Z608B, Z608B, Y603A, X602D, W586C, V592B, U590D, T585C, R575A, P568B, O565C, text me if you have these #. We could work something out. 928-499-1909

  5. Corrine says:

    I have all the pieces for 100,000 except A502c.
    All for the gift cards $25,15,10 except G531A, H538D, I541C, J544B, U590D, W597c, K549c, L551A, M556B. $618H, ?622D, ?625G.

    Willing to buy any of these ^^^^^^

  6. Kristen says:

    After reading all of this, I realize we all got scammed again. Bummer

  7. Ferej says:

    I have semi rare $613C, if someone has $ 618H I will split the jar.
    Email me.

    • Kristen says:

      Checked the whole board 618H isnt on there

      • Angel says:

        Look for $618H its on there, I’ll split. I need Z-B, Z-D, Y-A, X-D, W-C, V-B, U-D, O-C,
        ? 622D, ?625G. $613C $618H Email me if you want to split.

  8. Gillian says:

    I have B505A – looking to split 50/50 with someone who has the other rare – B506B

  9. Heather says:

    I only need the $618h to get the 1,000,000 I will split with u . 805-538-0756

  10. Krystal Moody says:

    After responding to Carter’s post via text message he replied with nasty insults and called me a bitch. Sir you are a disgusting human being how dare you insult people who are simply inquiring about your game pieces. You have very bad manners and an ugly disposition and honestly in my opinion you should just eat dirt you jerk.

  11. michael says:

    i need to more pieces. 626g and 625g. please email me. i’m willing to purchase those two.

  12. Lexy says:

    I have all the peices for 100,000 except A502c. all for the gift cards $25,15,10 except G531A, H538D, I541C, U590D, W597c, K549c, L551A, M556B. Willing to buy any of these ^^^^^^

  13. BooBoo Kitty says:

    Safeway monoply game its fraud because everybody is looking for the same piece safeway didn’t make those piece to start anying way they want us to come in the to shop that all and prices are high anying way now it seen to be wasted of time and money to keep getting the same pieces.

    • Shaun says:

      Boo Boo kitty ****..

      I would have just put the whole thing on there 😉 Well all this thing is doing is getting people to spend more at the grocery store. SOME people win smaller prizes and shit, like the Big Joe grill and the tv. Other than that I haven’t seen or heard of anything. Hell I’ll bet everyone on here’s board looks the same.
      Anyway good call and I like the name..
      Mines just Shaun lol.

  14. Spiegs says:

    Looking for $618H for a 50/50 split. I have all the others including $613C —

  15. Spiegs says:

    Hey — Of course…I am looking for the rare $618H piece for the safeway game…I do have all the others including the $613C piece.
    I will split 50/50…..

  16. Beth says:

    I need ?625G to win $500,000 please e mail me

    • R. Reddy says:

      I need the same ones everyone is asking about, probably because those are the pieces that don’t exist! I have twenty spots that need one piece, and eight that need two. Sad that you can’t even score $5 or $10 dollar spots!

  17. Vee says:

    I’m seeing a lot of people including myself need the same one to win the big prizes. This seems like business fraud if they do not create that one needed. But then again, you are grocery shopping, not buying tickets. That’s the key excuse for not being required to have that big winning pieces made.

  18. Shay says:

    Do anyone have $618h we can split the money please let me know

  19. Victor says:

    I only need A502C for the $100,000 prize (I have the rare A504E), and only need $618H for the 1 million prize (I have the rare $613C).

    If you have A502C or $618H, I would like to split the prize 40/60 with you (you get 60%!). I am willing to meet you in person and discuss legal binding documents with you. We can get a lawyer, a signed contract and a notarized letter from the courthouse in writing to make it official.

    My email is if you have A502C or $618H and are serious.

  20. Sarah Graves says:

    I have D517C, anyone have D515A??? Let’s make a deal or I’m willing to sale for the right price

  21. carter says:

    i have one of the rair pieces for $50,000 looking for someone willing to split prize if they also have one rair piece. I have 505b and need 506b. contact me at 2092024704 if you are interested

  22. john says:

    I have all .but $618h. will split the mill.

  23. Luckyguy says:

    This is the third and last iteration of this Monopoly game I’m going to play. Huge time waste. The first year at least McDonalds teamed up with Best Buy for a discount for each loosing code. Had to have Best Buy scan all of them, but got 50% off of a $250 purchase! I’ve never won any of the actual Monopoly game categories. Currently, I’m sure I’m like everyone else needing “just one more”. Happens every time. All I need is G531A, J544B, K549C, L551A, M556B, N562D, O565C,
    R575A, S579A, U590D, V592B, X602D,Y603A, Z608B. The only one winning this game is Safeway & Albertsons! Bored and wiser.

    • Lindsay says:

      Wow. Lol. Sounds like we have the exact same board. And I have pieces from 3 different cities! Lame…is right…

  24. Kristen says:

    The spare pieces I have duplicates for are: (3) S582D, (1) ?626H, (1) A500A, (1) $615E, (1) F530E, (1) Z607A, (1) P569C, (1) M555A & (1) L554D For anyone who needs any of those, let me know.

    The ones I do need are: J544B, I541C, H538D, G531A, G534D, F527B, F528C, E522B, E524D, D525E, D515A, D517C, D518D, C511B, C513D, C514E, B505A, B506B, A502C, A503D, A504E, N559A, N561C, N562D, M556B, L551A, K547A, K549C, R575A, R578D, Q573C, Q574D, P567A, P568B, O565C, V591A, V592B, U589C, U590D, T585C, S579A, S581C, Z608B, Y603A, Y606D, X599A, X600B, X602D, W597C, ?622D, ?625G, $613C, $618H

    I’m only 2 away from the $1,000,000, 2 away from the $500,000 prizes,1 away from $50 GC, 1 away from the $5,000, 1 away from the $1,500 LED TV, 1 away from $1,000 weekend getaway, 1 away from the $15, $10, and $5 giftcards and 1 away from the 1,000 GC

  25. Shaun says:

    It’s Shaun again. If you have the pieces I need but I don’t for some reason have yours, then I will put in writing (in your presence) that we will split the winnings 50/50. Let’s do this the legal and right way. Thanks again.

  26. Shaun says:

    I only need two more tickets for the 1,000,000, 2 for the 500,000 home, 1 for the 50,000 home makeover. I have a ton of duplicates for whoever. Maybe we can make a swap and both get what we want. Any takers? I’m in the Grand Ronde area in Oregon. My name is Shaun. Email me at and we can talk further. Hope to hear from someone!

    Pieces I need for the 1,000,000 are
    613C & 618H
    Pieces needed for the 500,000 vacation home are
    622D & 625 G
    Piece needed for the 50,000 makeover is
    Pieces needed for 100,000 luxury car are
    A502C & A504E
    Pieces needed for 35,000 vehicle are
    C513D & C514E
    Pieces needed 20,000 tuition are
    D515A & D517C

    Thank you for your time!

    Actually- 971-804-0551. Shoot me a text.

    • nikki says:

      I am sure they don’t even make the numbers you are missing…. I need the same exact ones you do… I am searching the web for anyone who has actually won the big prizes from playing the Monopoly… I haven’t found anyone so far…

      • Shaun says:

        Yeah I’ve thought about that one myself.. I’m sure you’re probably right. Are you in Oregon Nikki?

    • carter says:

      hello shaun i am very interested in your offer for the 50,000 makeover I do have B505A. And i see you have B506B. I would be very willing make a binding contract to split the prize 50/50 or make an agreement on something. please contact me at 12097044185 .

    • Laura says:

      Hello Shaun,
      I have two of the pieces you are looking for: B505A, the last piece you need for the Home Make Over and 622D one of the pieces you need for the Vacation Home.

      I’m looking for someone who is serious about meeting up and splitting the Home Make Over prize. Like you I want to meet in person, safe and legit and write something up about how the prize is to be split. Very interested in talking with you. Remember last day to present our winning pieces to the store is May 25, so we should talk soon. Are you still looking for the B505A piece? Let’s win together! Look forward to hearing from you. Replying here first is great.

      • Shaun says:

        I’ll have to look at the pieces again to make sure, but you can text me if you like at 971-804-0551. I’m in Oregon, what about you?

      • Laura says:

        Hi Shaun,
        Have you checked the tickets?

  27. says:

    What 4 pieces do you need? what other pieces do you have for the 100,000 prize?? I would love to trade, and help eachother win and split the prize, I only need one more ticket.

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