Problem with EOS?

Posted: January 28, 2016 in Articles
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eos-summer-fruit-smooth-sphere-lip-balm-photo-L-8kYPioThe lip balm brand that has recently become popular, EOS (Evolution of Smooth), has a lawsuit against it. Someone named Rachel Cronin had an allergic reaction to their “Summer Fruit” lip balm flavor. The EOS product did the exact opposite of what was supposed to do. After applying the balm and getting chapped lips, Cronin thought that maybe applying more would help.

It didn’t. She’s pressing charges, because her lips remained “sore and downright ugly” for ten days.

Of course, this particular person could be allergic to one of the ingredients, and it could be a rare thing, but you never know. Perhaps you want to stay away from this lip balm if you do use it. An allergy of yours could pop up, or maybe something’s wrong with their Summer Fruit flavor.

Our sisters got some EOS balm for Christmas. We hope nothing happens to their lips!


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