In Anticipation of Snowstorm Jonas

Posted: January 22, 2016 in Articles
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TrafficRight now, it’s snowing!

We are fairly sure we are not going to get any more snow than we’ve ever gotten before (despite all the hype) but we are hoping for close to 3 feet anyway.

We are being told to stay off the roads from now until Sunday.

I think that’s good advice considering what happened on Wednesday night. It snowed less than one inch, and yet my sister sat in traffic for two and a half hours going five miles per hour because this is what the DC Metro area looked like.

All of the red icons are accidents!

Some people sat in their cars for more than 5 hours and eventually just deserted their cars and walked home 🙂

We’re just wondering what it’s going to look like when there has been a foot of snow rather than an inch.

In any case, people are all stocked up for the big storm – Snowstorm Jonas is what they’ve called this one 😀 Yesterday my dad went to buy some potting soil because it’s time to start our seedlings. He said all the snow shovels and ice melt bags were flying off the shelves. He also saw one woman buying a generator for nine hundred dollars. That led me to think that perhaps the weathermen have a deal with local stores. The weathermen hype up all of the snowstorms, and the stores give them some of their profits. It’s definitely plausible and it would be profitable for all involved – except the consumer, of course.

Anyway, have fun in the snow if you are getting some! We’re definitely looking forward to it!

  1. Libby says:

    Enjoy your snow and I hope it doesn’t cause too many problems!

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