Test Your Knowledge of Australia

Posted: January 21, 2016 in Articles
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Today I had a quiz on Australia and thought I’d test your knowledge of the island continent. As usual, the answers will be posted in a few days. Enjoy!

Short Answer: Write the correct answer.

  1. What is Australia’s largest natural lake?
  2. What name is Australia often called by?
  3. What are the native inhabitants of Australia called?
  4. What 1851 event caused the population of Australia to increase by 200%?
  5. What 1,200 mile long reef lies off Australia’s eastern coast?

Matching: Match each description with the correct term.

  1. Capital of New South Wales
  2. Australia’s longest permanent river
  3. Australian’s highest peak
  4. Capital of Tasmania
  5. Australia’s largest region

Term choices:

Australian Shield
Ayers Rock
Darling River
Mt. Kosciusko
Murray River

  1. Short Answer: 1 ? 2 Oz 3 Aborigines 4 Irish potato famine? 5 Great Barrier reef.
    Matching: 1 Sydney 2 Murray River 3 Mt Kosciusko 4 Hobart 5 Australian Shield

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