How I Spent Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Posted: January 18, 2016 in Articles
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If toothpaste made of eggshells doesn’t sound very appealing to you, I understand. This paste is made of boiled and ground egg shells, coconut oil, and baking soda. Optional ingredients are sea salt, castile soap, and food grade peppermint essential oil. I personally excluded the salt, because we didn’t have fine ground sea salt.

Basically, you boil the egg shells, grind them, and then mix the ingredients. It’s pretty simple, but I think my mistake was not rinsing the egg shells enough before boiling them. You see, there was some yolk still in the shells, and I thought I had gotten it all out, but it seems I didn’t, because when I boiled them, there was some unanticipated foam. In addition, white stuff that looked like cooked egg yolk began to build up on the sides. That was boiled egg, and it was over-boiled, which resulted in the burned egg smell that was infused in the eggs shells, even after I ground them.

That was my one known mistake. When I tried it, my first impression was gritty and salty. There was the constant smell of burned eggs, but that was my fault. It did also taste slightly coconutty and minty. It was, however, exceptionally bad when I gathered the toothpaste to expel it forcefully from my mouth. I kind of wanted to throw up. I think it was all because of the burned egg taste/smell. If I were to make it again without making that mistake, I think it would be like any other toothpaste.

This toothpaste is supposed to strengthen and whiten your teeth, which is why I might use it under normal circumstances. I’ll keep using this batch, and if it does whiten my teeth, then I’d rate it a 5. If not, it gets a 1.5. Sorry, toothpaste.


NOTE: I tried it again, and I did something differently. Normally, I spit most of the toothpaste out before rinsing my mouth out with water, but with this toothpaste, I highly recommend you use a little bit more water and don’t spit without water. That helped me, at least. I also put some Mouth Doctor tooth liquid on it, which helped it not taste like burned eggs. I think I’ll make this again because I think I could get used to it. I kind of like the grit šŸ™‚

  1. musicfaith7 says:

    I finally got around to making this toothpaste on Thursday, after seeing the recipe many times online. On that first day that I used it, my teeth were already much whiter. On the second, my sensitivity to cold liquids had gone away. It’s day 5, and I think I am seeing a cavity on one of my tooth being filled. I used to stick a toothpaste to clean out the little whole, and now the toothpick barely goes in. I used have started this the first day I saw the recipe.

    • That’s great! We want to find a tube we can put this in so that it’s more convenient to get it on our brushes. What a nutty idea this eggshell toothpaste šŸ™‚ but if it works….

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