Considering a Mazda, Advice Appreciated

Posted: January 8, 2016 in Articles
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CarYoAs you may know, Dink is looking for a new old car. He’s looked at one car so far, but that one didn’t turn out so well. Now, he’s interested in a 2003 Mazda Protege LX.

This particular Mazda Protege LX costs $4,995. It has 136, 712 miles on it, its exterior color is “emerald mica”, interior color is beige, and it’s a four door sedan. It burns gasoline, it’s a 4 speed automatic, and its drivetrain is FWD. I have no idea what that last one means. The engine is a 2.0L I4 16V MPFI DOHC engine. Once again, no idea.

Those are all the important details, I think. I don’t really know that much about Mazda cars and neither does anybody else in our family. Dink is going to go look at this car tomorrow and we were hoping somebody out there might know more than we do about Mazdas in general and this model in particular. We’ve read what is on the internet, but before Dink takes the dive, we thought we’d check.

If you think you can give Dink some information to help him out, we’d sure appreciate it!

UPDATE: Even though we made an appointment to see the car, the “Check Engine” light came on and they took it away without bothering to call us to let us know đŸ˜¦

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