policelightDriving when school buses are dropping off children at every driveway can get very annoying.

Our mother said she had to walk a mile from her bus stop to get home, but these days, the buses take practically every student directly to their driveways.

Well, yesterday, a bus was stopping to let children out. The bus was traveling in the opposite direction from us and there were two cars in front of us as we came to a stop.

Unfortunately for the first car going in our direction, he lost his patience and decided he would just go on past the bus with the STOP sign extended and red lights blinking.

No sooner had he driven past, than a policeman did a quick U-turn. No one could see the police car in back of the large school bus.

Well, it’s rare to actually see a person caught and know what they were caught for. Occasionally a speeder, but usually, we just see people pulled over on the side of the road.

Anyway, good for the cop. Our country has to be one of law and order and people who think they are special and that they can disobey the law are wrong.

In Maryland, “a citation issued by a police officer is $570 and three points on a license. The camera-generated fine [certain buses are set up with cameras on them] is $125; no points are associated with a citation issued through this program.” Anyway, a very expensive mistake!

Today, our policeman friend said he stopped a person who threw a cigarette butt out of his window. He could have ticketed him for $145.00, but our friend just gave him a warning.

Best obey the law, huh?

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