If You Donate To Purple Heart….

Posted: December 15, 2015 in Articles
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Like us, you probably get phone calls from Purple Heart asking if you have anything to donate.

Recently, we received one of these calls and since we definitely had some bags for them, we scheduled a pick-up.

We have a relatively long driveway, as do our neighbors, and in between our driveways is a grass median with a fence dividing the grass at some point. On the appointed day, my mom wasn’t home but I was.

I happened to walk by the window and saw a large truck backing up our driveway. Unfortunately, they weren’t really completely in the driveway… they were in the grass, and they were also headed straight for the fence. Soon, they hit the fence, and splinters flew. They then went forward and continued backing up, this time avoiding the fence. They picked up our donation and left without saying anything about the fence.

What we want to make sure everyone knows, is that it is not Purple Heart doing the actual calling for donations, but the trucking company who works for them. They are called Green Drop.

First a Green Drop representative said that the truck driver probably didn’t know he had hit the fence – not true; otherwise the entire fence would have been destroyed. Then Green Drop’s truck driver lied and said he did not hit the fence, but he did not know that there was a eye witness. Green Drop, as well as their insurance company, have been completely uncooperative and even though the incident happened in mid-November, no action has been taken yet even though the repair on his fence is relatively inexpensive.

We have sent in photos, an estimate from the fence repair company, and have tried to talk to the insurance person “handling” the claim every week. We feel very responsible since our neighbor did not ask Purple Heart to come to their place, but they got their fence broken because we did. Luckily, we are good friends with our neighbors.

Anyway, you may want to consider dropping off your donations instead of having Green Drop pick up depending on your personal property situation. With so many dishonest people around nowadays, best take matters into your own hands.


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