Joining the Pet Crowd

Posted: December 13, 2015 in Articles
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Last Friday, my mom and I were driving, when we suddenly discovered that we wanted to get a dog.

We had been talking about it for a while, but we finally got serious about it two days ago. On that day, we began our search for an indoor dog at various shelters and pet rescue websites. We found a few we liked, like some shiba inu puppies, two Maltese puppies, and a maltipoo (Maltese mixed with a poodle). In general, I would be happy with any type of dog, but it was surprisingly hard to get in touch with anyone.

My mom texted probably at least 8 people about dogs, but most of them never got back, and the few that did had mostly moved to Georgia (seriously, two of the people who replied had moved to Georgia). So far, we haven’t found any dogs that we liked and whose owners weren’t in Georgia. With luck, though, we will find one soon. We’re thinking of just going to a shelter and looking at a bunch of their dogs.

A small dog would be a nice addition to the house, and once we get our indoor dog, we want to get an outdoor dog!


  1. How could you resist the name Maltipoo? 🙂

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