We Got Our Silverware!

Posted: December 12, 2015 in Articles
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If you remember from a while ago, we wrote an article about the fact that Safeway was doing a thing that resembled Green Stamps of old. For every ten dollars of groceries we bought, we would get a stamp and after we had a certain number of stamps, we could redeem them for a reward. We saved 160 stamps and got a 20 piece flatware set! There were three possible designs, and we decided to get the kind that had a rooster on the end (don’t ask me why).

It is very shiny, and we decided to save it for occasions like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Now we’re saving up to get a steak knife set, but I’m not sure if we’re going to get there. If nothing else, we can get shears!

If you use the self-checkout at Safeway and you’re participating in this little thing of theirs, make sure you ask the person manning the stations for your stamps!

  1. Steven Roberts says:

    I buy goods from Safeway almost everyday and they started this stamp thing I can’t figure out how to play it.. Okay I get it, the more stamps the bigger the “item” but what is the little booklet for? no numbers match up with any numbers from the stamps. A stamp has 9 numbers, while a blooklet has up to 3 numbers. that makes no sense at all. How am I going to match those stamps #’s w/ the booklets #? Do I have to wait till the stamp #’s go down to 3 digits?

    • Hi Steven, see this article: https://theweeklyday.com/2016/10/08/back-in-commission/. This is the game that is currently running at Safeway. The numbers on the stamps don’t matter at all. You just put one stamp per box. See the picture in the above article and you will see that they don’t match up at all. If you still aren’t sure, ask the check-out person at Safeway and they can put some stamps on for you so you can see how it works. Or feel free to ask us more questions should you have them. Good luck to you!

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