Don’t Trust and Also Verify!

Posted: December 11, 2015 in Articles
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Yesterday, Dink was involved in an accident. Thankfully, he was not hurt although his neck is a little stiff. A guy driving an SUV rear-ended Dink’s non-moving vehicle (he was texting according to witnesses), and that pushed Dink’s car forward so that it hit the car in front of him.

The guy who hit Dink’s car did not have his car registration or any insurance information in his car with him. When Dink suggested calling the police, he told Dink that he had a kid in his car and that he had to be somewhere, so no, he couldn’t wait around.

So he just wrote down his insurance company’s name, his license plate number, his phone number, and his name, and then left. His hand writing was so bad that we almost thought he meant it to be unintelligible.

Our parents called the phone number all day, but no one ever picked up and no one ever returned their calls. Our dad called his insurance company, but they said they did not have that phone number in their data base and we couldn’t read the name. The insurance company also said that they could not use the license plate number to find him.

So we turned to our policeman friend and he ran the man’s plates. He got us his name and his insurance claim number. He also said he could get that man for leaving the scene of an accident, as well as other things, which we will pass on for now.

Last night our dad took care of the insurance part.

We were really worried for a while that the guy had given Dink all false information and then took off, leaving no way for Dink to prove anything. We were looking at the possibility of having to pay for Dink’s car as well as the car which Dink hit because of the man behind him. Thankfully, it turns out the man did give Dink legitimate information. For a while, though, it looked like he had gotten away with it.

The lesson for Dink (and me) is to write down all information yourself from your very own eyes. The offender also broke the law by leaving the scene of the accident, so if the person tries to leave, you have to call the police – unless they have their insurance information with them, which all people should have in their cars with them at all times. Also, he had a child in the car, but he was TEXTING! Even if he didn’t have a child in the car, he shouldn’t be doing that!

Ideally, of course, you would never be in an accident, but I am confident that I will be in at least one car accident in my lifetime, so I guess better that I learn from the mistakes of my siblings than my own…

  1. Has Dink been checked out for whiplash? Problems can surface later

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