What Did Cancer Ever do to Ginger?

Posted: December 2, 2015 in Uncategorized
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I read an article today on ginger and its effects on cancer. Apparently, turmeric has already been widely used and promoted because it has positive effects against cancer. Recently, a study was done on ginger that showed it also has positive effects on cancer. According to the study, ginger kills cancer cells and negatively affects cancer stem cells, from which most other cancer cells come.

There’s also evidence that pharmaceutical drugs meant to treat cancer don’t help and can actually speed up the death of the patient. Obviously, the perks of treating cancer with ginger would be that you don’t have to take a bunch of drugs, and you don’t have to have large amounts of radiation put through your body.

If it was proven that ginger worked, or there was even substantial evidence that ginger works, it would be worth trying. If I was unlucky enough to get some sort of cancer, I would definitely be inclined to try anything natural before being irradiated or taking drugs.

Mostly, it’s a shame that more is not done to discover the causes of cancer, or in the case where they know, that those products are not removed from the market. Someone told me that in some places in the world, there is no cancer. In the US, cancer is all over the place. So it would seem that something Americans are doing or consuming is causing the problem…


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