For All Of Us, Burn Your Stoves Hot

Posted: November 24, 2015 in Articles
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Most of you have probably heard about the EPA’s desire to make all wood-burning stoves obsolete. They would like to use a variety of methods to accomplish their goal. These you can read about for yourself.

Here, in our neighborhood, we have some older people who make extensive use of their wood stoves during the cold weather.

Unfortunately, some of them think it is cold when it is 60ºF outside, and so they have a “fire” burning – more like simmering. When you go out to take a walk or to ride your bike, you can begin to understand why some people with, for instance, asthma, complain about the use of wood-stoves.

It smells horrible (if you’ve never smelled the results of a wood-stove on simmer, you probably don’t know what I mean) and even for a person without a breathing issue, it can make it difficult to breath if you’re exerting.

We have a wood-stove, and to prevent massive amounts of smoke contaminating the outside air, we burn it hot. We burn dry, seasoned wood which does not smoke and we only burn it when it is below 40ºF. We have an EPA approved catalytic wood stove from Vermont Castings. And we really like our wood stove; it saves a lot of money since we don’t have to run the heat pump. We would also like to be able to continue using it for heat, so we want people to try to not gain the attention of the dreaded EPA.

Burn your stoves hot. Get a good stove, and for the love of pie, burn dry and seasoned wood! Hopefully if everyone does this, all of us can continue keeping ourselves warm in the wintertime the way we want to – by burning wood.

  1. julespaige says:

    We have an all electric home with a fireplace. The fireplace has a hollow grate and an electric fan that blows the heated outside air back into the room. So we are not using inside air to for combustion. We don’t use it all that often. And we’ve got plenty of wood from some trees that fell a few years back. So I guess that’s another option if your home wasn’t built to be heated by a wood stove 😉

    Best to you and yours for Thanksgiving 🙂

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