Jim-Bob and Fruit Trees

Posted: November 22, 2015 in Yard and Garden
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Yesterday we received three dwarf pear trees and three dwarf plum trees, and today we planted them all. This means that in about three years, we’ll hopefully be harvesting lots of pears and plums! We got these fruit trees from a company called the Stark Bro’s. I think it’s a pretty well-known company, and we have purchased a lot of our fruit trees and berries from them and have been very satisfied.

We did ruin part of our “football field” in the backyard, but I guess we’ll be moving on soon and we like having food produced by us rather than a lot of grass. And anyway, there’s plenty of grass in our front yard. So our backyard is becoming a series of gardens and an orchard.

Update on Jim-Bob, otherwise known as Broody: feathers are coming in fast. Here’s an updated picture of him with little brown tufts at the ends of his spines as well as three of our new trees.

Our next project is to prune all of our existing fruit trees: 6 apple trees, 6 peach trees, and 2 Asian pear trees. We let them go for a few years and will pay for it shortly šŸ™‚

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