Church Security

Posted: November 18, 2015 in Articles

As you may know, we recently found a church that we really like, and we have been going there for a couple of months. We’ve even members now, which is great. Anyway, after last week’s service, we got an email from the church saying that they were taking some extra security precautions because of a person whose presence caused them to be concerned. The church now has to have police at the service and all the entrances except for the front door will be locked.

It’s quite unfortunate that they have to do this. We don’t know what the people at the church saw or anything like that, but it was enough to make them worry and report the incident to local and national law enforcement.

I’m not sure why I’m writing this. I’m glad our church leaders told us (although they could hardly hide a police officer(s) next Sunday). It makes me slightly worried, but more than that, I think it makes me angry.

And I’ll stop writing on that note because what would follow would be a lot of bad words.

  1. Jesus threw money lenders out of the temple, so I guess your anger is OK

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