This is Sad; Is It Hopeless?

Posted: November 17, 2015 in Articles
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In March of 2011, an earthquake caused a tsunami to his the coast of Japan. This tsunami wreaked havoc when it hit an in area which included the Fukushima Diachi power plant. The tsunami caused three of the nuclear reactors to melt down, and now the long term effects of this disaster are becoming evident.

The process by which the radiation is reaching the Pacific Ocean is through groundwater. Groundwater makes contact with the reactors that are leaking radiation. This groundwater is then highly radioactive, and it seeps into the Pacific Ocean. This process has been confirmed by the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), which waited a year after the melt down happened to tell anyone about the Pacific Ocean being contaminated. To make matters worse, three hundred tons of contaminated water are going into the Pacific Ocean every day. TEPCO also tried a solution. They tried to make a “freeze wall” by freezing the ground and water in the contaminated water’s path. Unfortunately, the melted-down reactor cores are too hot for this to be possible.

Now the radioactive contamination is really taking its toll. First, animals started mysteriously dying off in the United States. White-tailed deer started dying in very large numbers. Hundreds of fish appeared dead on a couple of lakes’ surfaces and shores. These events are nothing the world has not heard of before, but there were more and more reports of animals dying off after the power plant experienced a melt down. Still, the animal die-offs did not prove anything.

One recent article, “SURPRISE! You’re eating Fukushima Radiation; Bloody Cancerous Tumors in Fish and Seafood,” by U.S. Reporter, reports that fish in the Pacific Ocean are dying. Those which are alive and caught have internal and external cancerous tumors. Fishermen have been catching tuna, sockeye salmon, and other species of fish that have large, bloody tumors and people are finding salmon meat riddled with small tumors.

It is not just fish that have irregular growths on them, though. Other animals, like star fish, walruses, shrimp, and seals have been discovered with tumors; even a great white shark was seen with a one square foot tumor. That was the first recorded great white shark to get a tumor. Polar bears have also been losing hair, and a coral fish was found with skin cancer, the type which affects humans. That was also an historic first. Another article, “Unprecedented” by ENENEWS reports a blue whale that washed up dead on Oregon shores. It was sick and emaciated.

If all that is not enough proof of damage being done to the Pacific Ocean and the surrounding areas, then here is some more: the fish that have tumors have been tested 100% positive for radiation.

While people are busy eating radioactive fish, the U.S. government has done nothing about the Fukushima situation, even though soon it will be affecting the Western states. And since all the oceans are connected,  Fukushima radiation will be affecting more than just the Pacific Ocean.

So for now, animals in the Pacific Ocean area are being killed by radiation poisoning, trapped in a radioactive surrounding. And we are trapped as well, as we wait for the radiation to show its effects on us. And like the animals, we are helpless to stop what is sure to come.

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