No Media is Good Media?

Posted: November 11, 2015 in Articles

Concerned Student 1950 – what is that? Apparently, it’s a group of activists trying to end racial hostility at the University of Missouri. It’s called that because 1950 was the first year that this university let a black student in. Recently, this group met on the campus for a protest, and so a few reporters came to get the story. Unfortunately, the students decided that they didn’t want anyone to cover their protest in the news. They started making a “wall” with other students to push the reporters as far away from their event as possible.

Some people from the group got up in one reporter’s face, telling him that he was in their personal space, and that he needed to respect the students around him. One such person was actually a “professor”. She failed to realize that she was the one who had invaded his personal space, along with all the other students who were trying to push him back.

As for respect… well, they could have worked on that themselves. Honestly, if the activists wanted no media coverage, they probably should have just let the reporters do their job. Due to the scene they caused, though, this guy’s YouTube video has over two million views. Do you think a story about a protest at a college campus would have gotten that much attention?

The reporter in this video is really cool, though. Not only was he right, but he sticks to his guns. He does not give in to the creeps harassing him.

  1. Good for him. They do their cause no good.

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