Interesting Plant Finds

Posted: November 5, 2015 in Articles
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Five odd things are growing in our yard and house that are very interesting to me.

The first, a species of the Rumex genus is growing in a little pot. Most plants in the Rumex genus are what’s referred to as “dock”, although sheep sorrel is in this genus as well. I saw the plant along a road, and I recognized it as edible, but I didn’t know exactly what kind of dock it was. I harvested a few seeds and planted them to find out what they are. They are now thriving in our house, and I think soon I’ll move them outside where they hopefully will survive the winter.

Another interesting growth in our yard is a pine tree. That’s normal enough, except for the fact that this pine tree is growing in the fork of a dogwood tree. It’s not just a pine twig lodged in the fork, it’s actually growing there. We’re going to see what it does.

Yet another plant I was noticing today is an avocado tree that we planted a long time ago. Originally, we wanted to make a bonsai avocado tree so we planted it in a small pot. But the tree kept growing, and as it did, the leaves kept getting larger. We are wondering why the tree is getting so large when it is in such a small pot. We are also wondering why the pit is green. Shouldn’t it have rotted by now?

Speaking of bonsais, I wanted to make a bonsai black locust after taking some seeds back from Philadelphia. I had them soaking in water, but they weren’t doing anything, so I clipped the edges of the seed as people sometimes to with morning glory seeds in the hopes that that would help it sprout. I put it back in water, and so far, it still hasn’t done anything, except become really flat. Black locust seeds are kind of like a less plump pinto bean, but it got even flatter and wider. I’m not sure why that happened…

Last but not least, one of our jade plants is getting ready to flower! Obviously, every plant flowers, but this was unexpected since this isn’t really the climate jade plants grow in. So far, no flowers are open. There are just little knobs which kind of look those on a broccoli plant. We’ve never seen flowers on a jade plant before, so we’re looking forward to seeing them. I wonder what the fruit and seeds look like.

Nature is very interesting.

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