Guns Are Evil!

Posted: November 3, 2015 in Articles

This past Sunday, November 1st, someone was carrying a gun (legally) in a Cracker Barrel He was just getting ready to pay for his food when the gun fell out of his holster and hit the ground. When it did that, it fired and hit another customer in the leg.

This proves beyond a doubt that guns are evil!

We’re just wondering why this was in the news. The gun was legal, it was an accident, and nobody was killed. There was no significant reason to put this in the news, except to make gun owners look bad and to reinforce the idea that all guns should be banned…. again.

The guy should have had the gun secured better and if the safety wasn’t on, perhaps it should have been. It was unfortunate, but aren’t there more important things to report on?


  1. Cynthia says:

    I’m not sure how I feel about gun laws. Seems to me that guns and so many other things are so readily available that the laws are pointless. Maybe I’ve gotten cynical .

  2. It seems to me that the gun law issue is extremely important. Of course it is not the gun that is evil, but some humans are, and others are stupid and/or careless.

    • That’s true. But then you have to have knife laws, machete laws, hammer laws, etc. For the stupid and careless, we see an awful lot of people swerving on the roads. They are usually texting. We saw one woman eating ice cream – with bowl and spoon (no hands on steering wheel)! We have laws about texting/talking on cell phones. Hasn’t stopped too many people from doing it. How about all the medicated people? This man was stupid, but all those mass shooters (besides the “Asian” ones) were on medication. Over here, we feel pretty strongly that there are plenty of gun laws on the book, background checks and all that. Laws will not prevent accidents or bad things from happening. Life is full of horrible possibilities and no law can prevent them. That’s how we feel anyway…. It is true that the less moral a people are, the less freedoms they can have, and perhaps that is where we are going in our country today, unfortunately.

      • You make good points, especially about mobile phones. Do you not have laws about carrying lethal weapons, such as the others you mention?

      • We have laws against certain knives, for instance you cannot carry switchblades – at least not concealed. Probably machetes are illegal, but we know a few people were attacked in NYC by a certain person with a machete. But of course you could have an ax or hammer and do plenty of damage if you had a sick mind to. A screwdriver, large scissors, a baseball bat… and what we would like is for innocent people to have a way to defend themselves against sick people who would like to murder them or worse. Especially important for women. How can they go up against a strong man even with a short blade? Needless to say, extensive training with any gun is a must and there are gun ranges where policemen provide that training to the public. Stupid, evil, and mentally ill – those are the variables in life which always lead to unpredictable consequences.

      • A couple of things to consider as well. Why do politicians, movie stars, etc have armed body guards – sometimes lots of them? To protect themselves against anyone who wants to harm them. Yet they want to take that right away from citizens. Also, I don’t trust liars haha. They say they want to keep people safe, yet the borders are wide open and they just let another 6,000 or so criminals out of prison (this seems to be happening with regularity). So I do not trust their motives because their actions contradict their words. Thus, when they say, “We need ‘common-sense gun laws'”, I wonder what they are really after.

      • We live in very different societies. When someone is shot here, where guns are strictly controlled, it is a big deal. We have never had the freedom re guns that you have. Criminals are always going to find ways of flouting the law, but I believe we are undoubtedly safer without guns. Having said that, knife crime is a big concern.

      • What are your country’s laws on knives? I heard someone say that you had to have a license to own a butcher’s knife. Is that true?

      • I don’t know about butcher’s knives, but if you are found with a knife of any sort that is considered to be carried for dubious purposes you can be arrested and potentially charged.

      • We used to live in Philadelphia, just for a couple of years. Most sane people knew you should get a concealed carry permit to walk those streets, depending on where you lived of course. The police visit all the colleges and tell kids not to wear ear plugs, not to have their heads down looking at their phones, etc. while on the street. They said to be aware at all times. Always know who is around you, including in back of you and always travel in groups after dark. My only point being, maybe opinions of these things depend upon where someone lives (?)

      • That’s a definite factor – here, too

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