“Kitchen” in Spanish is a Feminine Noun

Posted: October 28, 2015 in Articles
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This year, I’m taking Spanish, and unlike English, the nouns have genders.

“El chico” means “the boy”.

“La chica” is “the girl”.

The definite article “el” before a noun indicates (usually) that the noun is masculine, and “la” indicates a feminine noun.

Going through some of my vocabulary words, I noticed that “la cocina” means “the kitchen”. I find it funny that “kitchen” is a feminine noun 😀 No disrespect intended, of course, and anyway, I am not the one who invented the Spanish language.

Speaking of disrespect, is anyone demanding that the Spanish language be changed to be less offensive? I mean, really, gender-specific nouns in the 21st century is ridiculous!

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