One With Nature Lavender Soap Review

Posted: October 27, 2015 in Reviews
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Yes, another soap review!!

The latest brand of soap we’ve tried is One With Nature. They not only make soap, but other health and beauty products like lotion and hand wash. So far we have just tried their lavender scented bulk soap. We included some pictures of their regular Dead Sea Salt soap, but have not tried that yet.

If you’re wondering what makes this type of soap any different, it’s that the company uses salt from the Dead Sea in their line of products.

Not that this is exceptionally unusual; in a couple of seconds I found about three other companies that use Dead Sea salt, but still, this is the first kind we have tried.

I have a bar in our shower, and three people use this particular shower daily. If I had put some of the other types of soap we’ve tried in the shower, they would have turned into mush and be used up pretty quickly. So far, the Dead Sea salt soap has been in the shower for about two weeks, and there’s still a lot left.

It has a pretty nice lather and is a very firm soap. I also did notice that it leaves your hands really squeaky clean. In addition, this soap doesn’t make your skin feel all dried out. It also clears up blemishes.

So far, this is my favorite soap ever. I would rate it a 10.



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