Three Black Walnuts

Posted: October 25, 2015 in Articles, Wild Edible Plants
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Today I went walking on the C&O Canal Towpath to look for some wild edible plants, and I found three plants that were (probably) edible, and one that was not. The three edible plants I found were wild garlic mustard, stinging nettle, and three black walnuts.

The garlic mustard had a light garlic flavor and is only really used for flavoring. The stinging nettle is eaten boiled with salt. You can eat both the stems and the leaves, but I’ve already done a lot of stems and leaves boiled with salt, so I passed on the nettle.

The walnuts are the only thing really worth eating, so I shelled the outside skin and am now drying the hard shell that encases the actual meat. So now I have red acorns and black walnuts drying 🙂 I read later that a single black walnut log is worth $1,000 dollars. It’s very valuable wood for furniture and stuff like that.

Lastly, I saw some berries on a vine that looked like wild grapes, but I’m almost positive they were inedible. The plant could have been multiple things, but most probably, Canada Moonseed, which is actually poisonous.

Just goes to show you that you cannot simply eat anything you find that looks edible. You can make yourself very sick by doing that!

  1. atkokosplace says:

    I would love to learn more about the wild plants in my back yard….I have quite a few. Fun post and yes, we must be careful… Happy week ahead! Koko❀

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