That is a Bicycle

Posted: October 22, 2015 in Articles

Well, people get their ears pierced; they get their noses pierced. Tongues, eyebrows, belly buttons, and all sorts of other things are pierced. People who are into piercings think it’s attractive, and I suppose some of it can be.

One man took piercing to a new level, though.

At a vegetable festival in Thailand, certain people were getting their cheeks pierced. I’m not clear on why, but I know one thing: a guy had a bicycle part going through his mouth.

And to that individual, I would have only have one thing to say: well, that is a piece of a bicycle in your cheek. Unfortunately, I’m guessing he doesn’t speak English since he lives in Thailand.

Honestly, I have no idea why that thing… uh, happened. But it definitely did! Can anybody tell me why this guy has a pipe piercing his cheek?

*** WARNING: Graphic photograph, not for sensitive people. ***



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