Animal Abuse?

Posted: October 20, 2015 in Articles
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I just read an article about coconut farms using monkeys to help harvest coconuts.

Naturally, some people are unhappy about that – animal rights and all that stuff. I just think it’s really funny, and personally think that I would have a really good time if I was a monkey harvesting coconuts.

The reason people use monkeys is because the males can harvest about 1,600 coconuts in a day, the females can harvest about 600 a day, and humans can harvest about 80 coconuts per day (so much for equality).

It’s also a lot safer for a natural climber to climb tall trees and harvest coconuts than a human.

Is this animal abuse? You can form your own opinion of it. There’s also a video of the monkeys in the article!


  1. We train horses to race. I’m told they like it.

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