He Broke The Door Again

Posted: October 7, 2015 in Articles
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Continuing on about our visit to Philadelphia, as soon as we walked into the apartment building on Saturday, we saw a small heap of paperclips outside the door of our brother’s apartment.

Knowing that our brother has locked himself out of his apartment and broken into his apartment before, we were a bit worried. We unlocked the deadbolt and pushed the door open, only to discover that our brother had indeed apparently locked himself out of his apartment, again.

We heard the story from him: it was the Saturday the “celebrity in white” was in town and he wanted to see all the military presence in the city. Unfortunately he left his keys in all the excitement and unfortunately for him, no locksmiths could drive into the city to reach him.

He waited outside the apartment all day for his neighbors but eventually had to sleep at a friend’s place. In the end, he had to break the door again, which was apparently disturbingly easy.

On Sunday, after we left the dog park, we walked back home. We saw that they are building a new apartment complex, and that there was a lot of trash along the sidewalk. It was actually exceptionally disgusting last weekend, but certain things compensated for it; there were a lot of berries and flowering plants around. We also saw lots of black locust trees, which are very nice. I picked up a few pods off the ground and removed two seeds from them. I’m hoping to make a bonsai black locust!

We saw a bush with orange berries, which was of the Pyracantha genus; bushes in this genus are usually called Firethorn bushes. I believe the specific bush we saw was a cross between a Pyracantha coccinea and a Pyracantha crenatoserrata. This is called a Pyracantha Orange Charmer. It’s very nice!

We saw an interesting evergreen that had what looked like very small green berries growing close to its trunk and branches. I’m pretty sure it was a juniper of some sort. The last remarkable berry we saw looked almost like a dogwood. The berries were medium large, red, and had tiny little spines on them. It is some kind of hawthorn, but I can’t figure out exactly what type.

Lastly, we saw a hummingbird, but it might be hard to spot in the pictures.

One of the best times we had over the weekend was being able to attend 10th Presbyterian Church again. Liam Goligher was preaching and it was very great to hear the words he spoke.

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