A Walk in Philadelphia

Posted: October 5, 2015 in Articles
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This weekend, we were back in Philadelphia again.

Among other things, we went for a walk to the good old dog park down by the Schuykill River. When we got there, we were sidetracked by the city garden where urban dwellers can have small gardens plots. We walked through and saw pretty much everything we grew in our garden. The overall appearance, however, was one of damp and disease. We also saw two stray cats, which we’ve never seen before in Philadelphia.

We went on to the dog park which is around 2-3 years old now. It smells really bad now and looks very dirty. I think the city really needs to clean it with a huge steam cleaner. It’s getting disgusting because a lot of people are breaking the law regarding dog droppings… Regardless, we stayed at the dog park for a long time, watching the animals run around, bark, and dig at the water dish.

Walking back to our brother’s apartment, we saw another segway tour, which is always, well… interesting.

We had a good time in the city πŸ™‚


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