Worst Grammar/Spelling Mistakes This Week

Posted: September 29, 2015 in Articles
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We’ve been collecting some grammar and spelling mistakes this week. We found most of them while reading reviews. We’re sure you’ve noticed that these types of mistakes are on the rise just as we have. What may annoy us more than these mistakes are the intentional misspellings of words in an attempt to be cute or grab attention.

There is a nauseating commercial on the radio now. It is called “Kars for Kids” with a “K”. People sing a stupid song that goes like this:

“K-a-r-s cars for kids. K-a-r-s cars for kids. K-a-r-s- cars for kids. Donate your car today.”

We think they spelled “cars”, “kars” because they wanted to put the word in their telephone number, but we don’t care. We hate that commercial and we won’t ever donate a car to them even if we had one because car is spelled, “c-a-r”. As soon as we hear the dumb guitar start up and we know it’s that commercial, we turn the radio down or off. LOL.

Anyway, here are some of the mistakes we grabbed. We think the funniest is #4 and the dumbest is #6.

1: …can’t find these localy anymore.

2: it smells ransid


4: Protein tasted fowl like it had been stored improperly in high heat.

5: Did you know I also right guides on

6: Wonderful product, we’ll packed…

  1. Libby says:

    This is definitely on the increase – I’ve even seen this kind of thing in books, obviously can’t get the proof-reading staff any more. (Having said that I sometimes notice too late that I have made a typo in comments such as this on blogs!)

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