Green Stamps Are Back…. Sort Of

Posted: September 26, 2015 in Articles
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At participating Safeway stores, a promotion is running to generate more sales. For ever $10 you spend, you get one “Saver Stamp.” If you save up enough saver stamps, you can win prizes – knives, scissors, cutting boards, or silverware, all from Cuisinart.

We’re going for a 20 piece flatware set which requires us to save up 160 stamps, or spend $1,600 at Safeway. We might have to get something less, though, since we only have until January 5, 2016. We have 24 stamps to date and with our garden being done and all, I suppose we’ll be grocery shopping again.

Anyway, this whole idea of saving stamps to win rewards reminded my parents of something called “Green Stamps”. When they were children, the A&P grocery store in Richmond, VA,  gave out booklets and when you shopped and got your green stamps, you licked them and stuck them in your booklet. You could win all sorts of prizes and not from just one company – at least that’s how they remember it. They both said that as children, they loved when their mothers came back from shopping and gave them a handful of stamps to stick in the booklet.

In these modern times, they’re glad we don’t have to lick these stamps. They peel off and have adhesive on the backs 🙂

  1. We had Green Shield Stamps

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