Is This The United States?

Posted: September 19, 2015 in Articles
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One of our sisters visits our oldest brother and his wife just about every weekend. They live 30 minutes or so away from us. That makes for easy getting together and that is great.

Last week, our sister came home and told us about the apartments next to and above our brother.

Now, mind you, these are one-bedroom apartments with one bathroom (of course).

She told us that in the apartments next to and above them, there are lots and lots of people living there. According to our brother, there are more than ten people in each 1-bedroom apartment.

More than twenty people in two, one-bedroom apartments with one bathroom each.

“How do more than twenty people make do with only two bathrooms?” you might ask.

Well, when the bathroom is occupied, well, they just use the window.

That’s right. You can witness an adult living in the United States using the bathroom out the window.

“What? There’s nothing shameful about that. Get over it! It’s a natural and normal human function, everyone does it, and besides, there’s a line to use the bathroom in here. Sheesh!”

Needless to say, it is very, very noisy for our brother and his wife. They have roaches (no surprise there), and they get to witness disgusting human behaviors.

By the way, having this many people living in such a small space is illegal. That word doesn’t mean much these days, though, does it.

    • Nope. Not good news at all and what we fear is that it is coming to all neighborhoods. Already happening in our small town. Beautiful place, beautiful people, lived here all our lives – about to be ruined.

  1. Cynthia says:

    A friend of mine was a realtor and ran into problems like this here and there. I think it’s more common than most people realize. “illegal” , yes. It’s discouraging… that doesn’t seem to carry much weight any more.

    • Well, surprisingly, our mom knows a lady who lives in a house and the house next to her was rented out. That lady said that multiple families moved into the house and she actually reported them. Our mom said, “And nothing happened, right?” The lady said, “No! The county threw them out!” Our brother and his wife did report them, but nothing was done – so I guess sometimes illegal means illegal, and sometimes it doesn’t….

  2. Libby says:

    It would feel wrong to like this. What shameful behaviour – but I guess if there is a queue and you are desperate…. ! It must stink like a sewer there – and what if someone is passing the window at the time. It doesn’t bear thinking about!

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