Buffets Are Not for the Faint of Heart!

Posted: September 18, 2015 in Articles
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Today we went back to an Indian/Asian/Western food buffet place that we’ve been to before and enjoyed, and it met our expectations once again, but as I looked around the room I noticed that a lot of the people who were also eating at the restaurant were, well, rather large. They were very, very large.

It made me a little worried. I started thinking that perhaps we should only go to this place once a year.

The other thing I noticed this time was that a lot of people heaped their plates high with tons of food and then picked at it and left the majority of it on their plates to be collected and thrown away by the waiters. It was kind of sickening to think of so much food going to waste and people being so careless about it.

I like eating at this place because there is a lot of variety and most everything tastes really good, but I was aware of some unhealthy habits tonight more than before. Oh well, at least I know we always clean our plates at buffets!

  1. In a similar Chinese establishment in Soho, you have to pay for what you don’t eat.

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