Yes, Another Test…. A Driver Test

Posted: September 14, 2015 in Articles

Perhaps you have already seen this test around, but just in case you haven’t, the article at the bottom of this entry describes different types of drivers and includes a quiz so you can discover what kind of driver you are.

It’s pretty fun, and even though I don’t drive, I took the test and was apparently an “avoider.”

Their description of “Avoider” is, “You stay out of the way of those you perceive to be bad drivers, dismissing them as a hazard. Piece of advice: It’s a good strategy to avoid reckless drivers. Keep it up, and don’t let yourself get too frustrated!”

My mom and Dink took the test as well and they were both Avoiders like me.

It is the smartest kind of driver, in my opinion 🙂

You should take the test and see what kind of driver you are! I would warn you, though, sometimes they don’t have what you would really like to do in the given situation.

Source (and test):

  1. atkokosplace says:

    Philosopher. Interesting! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Cynthia says:

    fun test! I got the Philosopher.

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