One Plant to Look Out For

Posted: September 10, 2015 in Articles, Wild Edible Plants
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IMG_0626I was down in a neighbor’s yard looking for some wild edible plants. Mostly I was taking pictures of and examining various plants for later identification.

Unfortunately, I tried to identify the plants, but had very little luck, only tentatively identifying one – which turned out to be incorrect.

Later in the day, I was deeply engrossed in some reading homework, and it was at that moment that my left sight-giving organ, otherwise known as my left eye, began to itch profusely. At around the same time, I sneezed about 19 1/2 times, and my nose began to run. In addition, the entirety of my face felt like a soft watermelon.

I had no idea the cause of this reaction, but it was very unpleasant for the half of an hour that it was most intense. However, later in the day, I discovered the cause of the allergy.

One of the plants I had taken pictures of and touched (quite a lot) was none other than a plant of the Solidago genus; this genus is commonly known as goldenrods. In case you didn’t know, lots of people have a bad allergic reaction to this plant (hay fever). I am, apparently, one of those people, but I was not armed with the knowledge of this plant beforehand, so I had to suffer the effects of the pollen.

Watch out for this plant!

PS: Yes, a half-sneeze is indeed possible.

  1. atkokosplace says:

    I concur a 1/2 sneeze is possible! 😉

  2. Cynthia says:

    Goldenrod… bugs me too. It’s everywhere now! grr

  3. Libby says:

    Golden Rod is nice to look at but affects me too – along with many others. Sometimes the itching is so bad I could happily rip my face off. (Dunking it in a basin full of water helps!) Happy sneezing!

  4. Well, you won’t forget that one

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