Top Pepper Picks 2015

Posted: August 21, 2015 in Reviews, Yard and Garden
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Well, this is it! Here are the peppers we grew this season, when we started the seedlings, and how they performed for us. Also, we’ve picked which peppers will make it into our garden next season (provided the zombie apocalypse doesn’t happen before then).

NOTE: We started our seeds very early and used grow lights indoors. It was a pain in the you-know-what by the end of the winter and also we had to work hard in early spring caring for the plants as they had to be brought out and in every day for what seemed an eternity. All in all, though, it was worth it. Peppers are still going strong!

California Wonder Peppers – HEIRLOOM Started 1/21 – Standard bell pepper. Great green or red.  A little finicky in our opinion. We planted 6-8 plants, each plant producing at least 6 peppers – perfect for our family.

Golden Giant II Sweet Pepper Hybrid, started 1/23 – love these! We eat like apples. More prolific than California Wonders. Planted 6-8, each plant producing at least 6 peppers – 6 plants max for us next year.

Jalapeno Peppers, started 1/27 – standard. Mild hot. Peppers keep on coming. Good in eggs, quiche, salsa, Mexican dishes, pickled. Planted 6-8 – perfect for us.

Sweet Banana Peppers HEIRLOOM, started 1/31 (can start 1-2 weeks earlier) – great pickled and in salsa. Very prolific. Planted 6-8 – perfect.

Sweet Cabernet Pepper, Started 2/5 – fast grower, don’t start earlier – this is much like a bell, but for us, not as finicky. Thinner wall than California Wonders. Great green or red. Planted 6-8, each plant producing at least 6 peppers – perfect.

Cubanelle Pepper, started 2/15 – not sure how we like these best, but they look good 🙂 Very prolific. Planted 6-8, will reduce this to 3 plants.

Tequila Sunrise Hot Pepper, 2/23 – we can’t find these but we know we planted them….

Tangerine Dream Sweet Pepper, started 2/17, can start 2 weeks earlier – they taste okay. Mostly the color is awesome.

Espanola Improved Chile Pepper, 2/18 – good used for hot sauces – very shiny red skins that say “I am hot”. Planted 2 plants, each plant producing at least 10-12 peppers – perfect.

Poinsettia Hot Pepper, 2/20 – can start 3 weeks earlier – like a cayenne, just a novelty. Very prolific.

Big Thai Hybrid Hot Pepper, 2/24, can start 3 weeks earlier, very prolific! Will be drying most of these.

Yellow Cayenne Hot Pepper, 2/27, can start 3 weeks earlier – sister thinks these have a great flavor and puts them in quiches with her jalapenos. Very prolific. Planted 3-4 – perfect.

Which peppers will make it into the garden next year?

California Wonder, Golden Giant, Jalapeno, Sweet Banana, Cabernet, Cubanelle, Espanola Improved Chile Pepper and Yellow Cayenne Hot Pepper. And I’m sure we’ll add a few new varieties too.

Once peppers get going, they are pretty trouble free. The only thing we have to keep an eye on is whether we have to stake them once the peppers get heavy. Also, once ripening begins, you have to watch for soft spots so you can get them off the plant right away. Otherwise, you’ll either have a rotten pepper on your hands or a worm-infested one (very ripe peppers only and not very often).

That’s it! Sorry for the long post and we hope you found something interesting or helpful!


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