Rap: Spreading to the East

Posted: August 15, 2015 in Articles
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In China, there are starting to be more hip-hop, or rap, artists. China’s culture has for a long time been Confucian which encouraged everyone to be humble and polite, and since rap music usually promotes the exact opposite, the Chinese people have in the past discouraged rap. Now, however, some people from small Chinese villages are branching out and defying those who tell them the music is bad. Apparently, China, too, has been infected by this type of music.

In August, 2015, the Chinese government banned 120 songs from their websites saying that the songs encouraged, “obscenity, violence, and crime,” but one rapper in particular keeps on going and views the government’s ban as publicity. He is, in fact, quite popular among those who can understand his local dialect. The name he uses publicly is “Melo.”

In general, I do not like hip-hop music, for several reasons. First, without even listening to the lyrics, it sounds, for lack of a more colorful word, stupid. When you listen to classical music, for instance, you know that it would take someone truly intelligent and with a lot of skill to write a symphony. With rap, sure, they can off the top of their heads rhyme sentences quickly, but in the end the music is unintelligent. There is no melody and no harmony, just a repetitive beat and tough talking.

The people who make rap also seem, to me, to be a very bad sort of people. The lyrics mostly talk about violence, drugs, alcohol, and rebellion. Rebellion is one theme attractive to teenagers, and so naturally the immature gravitate towards it. Then fans emulate the rappers’ offensive explicit language and topics and down everyone goes.

Yes, that was a generalization. Not all rap is evil.

Dink’s only comment was, “Chinese people shouldn’t rap.” Then he said, “It’s easier for them to rap because all their words rhyme.”

That was a joke.

Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/chinese-rappers-hip-hop_55ca6009e4b0923c12be783e?utm_medium=email&utm_source=dig

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