Fall Really Is Coming

Posted: August 12, 2015 in Yard and Garden
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Today we got our very first apple. It was a McIntosh apple, which is a summer apple, and we use them mainly for baking. More are on the way, and the other varieties we have are ripening as well. Looks like we’ll have a decent harvest of golden delicious and jonagolds, and hopefully granny smith and braeburn as well. We’ll see. The deer love to sleep in our yard in the fall after they’ve stuffed themselves full of apples.

Anyway, apples on the way, as well as the cooler temperatures today, signal that fall really will be here soon.

This also means that school will begin shortly. In fact, Dink and a couple other siblings are signing up for their fall college courses and I am also getting “emotionally prepared” for high school. Our dad is taking the rest of this week off from work, though, so there is still fun to be had 🙂

Today, also, our second cantaloupe fell off the vine, so we brought that one in and cut it up. While we are happy we finally got some cantaloupes, they don’t taste very good. They aren’t sweet. Next year, we will try something again…..

Crickets are about 3/4″ now. We’ll know it’s fall for sure when a few get into our home and drive us crazy with their chirping.

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