Kirk’s Castile Soap Review

Posted: August 7, 2015 in Reviews
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Once again, we’re trying a new kind of soap.

It’s called Kirk’s Original Coca Castile Soap With Aloe Vera, and it’s a really nice color (that’s the first thing I noticed, anyway).

The color is a light green-blue and is aesthetically pleasing. Nondescript, inoffensive scent, this comes in 4 oz bars which are wide and flat. It also surpasses one of the main problems we’ve had with other soaps, like the Canus vegetable based soaps and the Kiss My Face soaps, both of which were too soft for our taste. This soap does not turn to goop, even in the kitchen.

Unfortunately, like Dr. Bronner’s soap, Kirk’s is a little harsh for some of us, especially those of us who wash their hands very frequently; the Kirk’s soap dried out their skin.

Not a problem for me, though, so I’d rate Kirk’s an 8.5. My mom rates it a 7 and my dad rates it a 5.

Niles really likes it, though. Niles thinks it makes his hands really soft 😀

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