You Won’t Have Much Luck With That, Jim-Bob

Posted: August 5, 2015 in Videos, Yard and Garden

IMG_0560[1]A few weeks ago, right when we were camping, one of our chickens named Jim-Bob decided that he wanted to hatch an egg.

Every day he sat on all the eggs that the other chickens laid, and every day we had to gently prod him out of the way so we could get the five eggs he thought he was going to hatch.

Yes, we know these are hens and should be referred to as “she”, but we just call them all “he”.

While being broody, this particular chicken has also been making interesting noises and he looks pretty funny too. Se we filmed him and also got a picture for your entertainment.

If Jim -Bob doesn’t snap out of it pretty soon, we might just get him two fertilized eggs, so he can get happy and back to normal. We’ll see!


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