Processing Jalapenos

Posted: August 5, 2015 in Yard and Garden
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Until now, we have just gone out to pick a jalapeno here or a jalapeno there depending on what we were eating: an omelette, quiche, salsa, etc. We did pickle a few pints of jalapenos, but nothing significant.

Well, yesterday was the time to gather a lot of our peppers and preserve them. The jalapenos shown in the sink are just a small fraction of what we had to process.

We decided to freeze some and also to make some jelly.

The frozen slices were straightforward and I think we put up about 6-8 quart bags. The jelly was a little more difficult. The recipe we used called for 6 cups of sugar and so the first batch was just really sweet since we didn’t include any membrane. We also felt the texture was too thick. Luckily, we only cooked a couple of 1/2 pints.

For the second batch (cooking time adjusted), we included as much membrane as we could, so it was more spicy and flavorful, but since we only used our green jalapenos, the jelly was still a bit too tame for us.

Our last batch is very good and very hot. We used red jalapenos and all of the membrane.

Most people eat their jalapeno jelly on crackers with cream cheese. We tried it and it’s good this way.

We’d say if you’ve never tried making or eating jalapeno jelly, it’s worth a try. It may not sound good, but it really is and it’s a nice change for your palate šŸ™‚

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