A Preacher is a Herald

Posted: August 4, 2015 in Articles
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This Sunday at church, I heard something from the preacher that I hadn’t ever heard before.

He was talking about preaching, and why people preach. Apparently, the word “preacher” derives from the word “herald”.

Heralds were lowly people who proclaimed to the public messages from kings or other important people. If they were good heralds, they would repeat the exact message that the king gave them, whereas if they were bad heralds they would change the message by adding or subtracting from it (if they did that, they were probably punished in some way).

A preacher is, basically, a herald. A preacher is not to speak his own thoughts or opinions. He is to proclaim the message of God to the public. If he is a good preacher, he will proclaim the message exactly as God gave it and not add or subtract from the message.

Like 10th Presbyterian in Philadelphia which we attended when we lived there, the church we attend now is a PCA church (Presbyterian Church of America).

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