Waring Electric Tomato Press

Posted: August 1, 2015 in Reviews, Videos

This year we’re growing lots of tomatoes and besides eating them, we are preserving them.

We made a couple of batches with our Vitamix, but those batches were bitter because of the seeds (which were ground up).

So our dad went out and bought a Waring tomato puree machine. He got it from Williams-Sonoma which was running a sale. They will not be carrying it anymore and so even though the website said $149.95, marked down from $275, he only paid $114.

So far we’ve made two batches of sauce with this machine, and it’s really good because it takes out all the skin and seeds and leaves mostly liquid which you have to boil down a lot. Still, it’s better than bitter tomato sauce.

This machine is extremely easy to put together and to use. If you’re going to make tomato sauce, this is a thing that you need to have, whether it be a Waring or not. On a scale from one to ten, I’d rate it a ten.

It’s also pretty fun to use 🙂 To buy the tomato puree-er, click here.

Oh, and please follow the instructions and do not insert your hand into the grinder.

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