What I Learned on July 29, 2015

Posted: July 30, 2015 in Articles

In my reading yesterday, I ran across a few words, a phrase and a location which I either did not know the meaning of, or which I found interesting. One of the books I am reading is Silas Marner by George Eliot. I have only gotten through a small portion of the book, but so far, I think I will like it. Some of the words below come from this book.

Apprize: archaic. This word is defined by Webster’s II New College Dictionary as
“Chiefly Brit. var. of APPRISE” and the definition of apprise in the same
dictionary is “to learn, to inform”

But if you Google search the word, the definition is:
“put a price upon; appraise” and “value highly; esteem”

I didn’t find this very helpful.

Benignity: the state of being benign; a kindness

Benighted: intellectually or morally ignorant; overtaken by darkness or night.

Phantasm: an apparition or specter; fantasy; a mental image or representation of a real object; an illusory likeness of something

Impracticability: Wow. Seven syllables 🙂

Efficacy:  the power to produce an effect.

“…. a frame of adamant. She begged pardon.”

People were much smarter a long time ago, weren’t they. When I read words put together like this, it makes me think and wonder more than if I read what I’ll call common language. Good writing creates a better picture in my mind and makes me think well beyond the words on the page.

Then, I was reading a passage which spoke of the Sandwich Islands and I did not know where they were. For anyone else who doesn’t know, the “Sandwich Islands” is the name that James Cook gave to the Hawaiian Islands in 1778.

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