First, an apology: we wrote about our Cherokee Purple tomatoes since we hadn’t grown them before, but it turns out that the tomato we wrote about wasn’t a Cherokee Purple!

What we raved about were Brandy Boy Hybrid tomatoes from Burpee. When we wrote that post, no Cherokee purples were ripe, and we didn’t bother to check the ID tag…. sorry about that.

Anyway, this year, we grew 7 different tomato varieties and here is a review on them all:

1. Power Pop – a small to medium size cherry tomato, okay tasting, mess to grow. We will not grow this again next year, mainly because we aren’t tremendous fans of cherry tomatoes.

2. Juliet – one of our favorite grape tomatoes; we grow these every year. Perfect for everything!

3. Big Boy – we’ve grown these off and on in the past. They don’t compare to the Brandy Boys in our opinion, so Big Boys are out from now on.

4. Brandywine heirloom- seeds given to our sister from her boyfriend. Large plant susceptible to disease, okay fruit. Probably will never grow again.

5. Brandy Boy Hybrid (Burpee)- yes. Love these. Perfect for tomato sandwiches. Best flavor, very sweet. Great, non-mealy texture. Tender skins. Beautiful color inside and out. Disease-free plants and lots of fruit.

6. Cherokee Purple – some people in this house are scared to eat these for their different color. They taste very good, but in our opinion, do not taste as good as Brandy Boys.

7. Super Sauce (Burpee) – have only used these for making sauce. Shorter tomato plant than the rest that we have. Lots of very large, good-looking, meaty fruit without all the liquid and seeds you get in regular tomatoes. This is a keeper for us.

So that’s it. Our 2016 garden plan includes a lot of Brandy Boy and Super Sauce tomatoes and then we’ll try some new varieties as well. Feel free to share what your favorites are!


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