One Pound Thirteen Ounces

Posted: July 18, 2015 in Yard and Garden
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Last year one of my sister’s friends gave her Cherokee Purple tomato seeds. Originally we weren’t going to try them, but we actually read some good things about them so we planted a few. We just started getting them, and they have such a nice flavor that we plan to grow these every year that we can.

Right now, we’re picking them while the outsides are only slightly purplish, but I think if you let them ripen longer they get purple on the inside too (?) I’m not sure how I feel about that.

Anyway, recently we got a Cherokee purple tomato that was a little bit deformed. It looked like two tomatoes had grown close to each other and kind of fused into one very, very large tomato. I even got a scale and measured it; it was one pound and thirteen ounces!

On an aside, we also found a seasoned tomato sauce recipe that we really like straight out of the Ball Blue Book. We save our Cherokee purples exclusively for eating, but all other types of surplus tomatoes are going into sauces and salsa for the winter. Regular tomato sauce, stewed tomatoes, BBQ sauce, chili sauce, red hot sauce… you get the picture. Did we mention we were growing 50 tomato plants?

Both of our parents have been very busy with home things but Dink slipped in a couple of fishing trips and we are finally going on our camping trip on Monday!!!

Anyway, if you’ve never tried to grow Cherokee purple tomatoes and are looking for a change next season, we suggest you give these a try because true to popular belief, these tomatoes really do have a great flavor!

  1. mydenimfield says:

    Never heard of this type. Are the purple tomatoes flavorful enough to cook into sauces?

    • These are best eaten fresh since they taste so good. They are not a sauce tomato per se, but you could certainly make them work for you. I think it would be a waste to make sauce with these, though, since they are so flavorful. These are definitely our favorite tomatoes as of this summer 🙂

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