The Confederate Flag

Posted: July 13, 2015 in Articles
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FlagA person we know gave us this bumper sticker this past weekend.

While our parents, in particular, love all things Southern having grown up in the South, they are not a huge fan of the slogan on this bumper sticker. To them, it seems defensive and apologetic, and to them, there is nothing to be defensive about nor is there anything to apologize for….. anymore than the rest of the country under the official US flag.

We aren’t going to get into too much history or arguments in order to defend the South; there is plenty of literature out there on both sides for anyone to read and make up their own minds.

What we will say is that people have the right to fly any flag they wish to fly, yes, even if it is offensive to some.

Southerners only want to be able to fly their flag and be left alone. They do not care if others hate them and hate their flag. They are not trying to force an agenda, they are not trying to make it a crime to criticize them, they are not trying to make everyone else in the country accept their flag. They are not, for the most part, even trying to convince others that they are right. They are, by and large, normal, healthy, honest people who happen to love their country and their people and just want to be able to express that love like others are allowed to do.

The flag represents Southern Pride and there’s lots to be proud of too.

Now it’s true that the South lost the war and the victors can do what they want – which they are. It is also true that there are some racist ignoramuses in the South just like there are anywhere else in the country. Do some of those racist ignoramuses fly a Confederate flag? Yes. Do some of them fly the official US flag? Yes.

Might does not make right. The side that dictates how to live to normal and decent people is also the side that only attacks easy targets. Cowards and destroyers they are.

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