An Adventure at the Smithsonian Institution

Posted: July 8, 2015 in Articles

Today Dink, my parents, a friend, and I went to the Smithsonian in DC. This wasn’t an entirely new experience, since we’ve been once before, but it has been a long time so it was still relatively new to me (they’ve even changed the museums slightly since last time).

We also rode the Metro to DC and that was also new for me. To begin with, the Metro smelled pretty bad, but I liked it besides that. It was actually pretty fun.

We started with the Museum of Natural History, and we went through mammals, ocean animals, gems, an exhibit on Iceland, and a few other areas. They were all very nice, and I think I liked the gems the best out of all we saw. Then we walked over to the Air and Space museum.

DC is actually a pretty nice place to walk, at least the area we were in. The sidewalks are very wide, which is so different from the sidewalks we are used to in Philadelphia. A lot of the time in Philadelphia, you have to walk single file, but in DC, all five of us could walk side-by-side if we wanted to.

The Air and Space museum was also interesting, and they had a rack of bullets of airplanes from different countries, which I found particularly interesting. Near a plane we could walk through, there was an area describing the job of stewardess from the 1950’s. There were a lot of restrictions! For instance, you had to be a woman between the ages of 21 and 26, you had to be white, you had to weigh 135 lbs or under, and more. That would never work today, would it 🙂

All in all, it was a really fun trip, and if you’ve never been to any of the Smithsonian museums, they are a must if you ever visit Washington, DC.


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