Bella Panini Maker Review

Posted: July 5, 2015 in Reviews

In Christmas of 2014, a gift of a panini sandwich maker was given to our parents, and it has been used a lot since then. It’s basically two pieces of metal that you can put a sandwich (or other things) in between and let them cook. The metal gets heated and cooks the sandwich while compressing it.

This gadget is very useful for quick hot lunches, and if you have children or grandchildren, it’s a really good thing to have.

There’s not too much more to say about it. I sometimes use it to make egg, cheese, and ham sandwiches on bagels, and sometimes my sister basically makes a salad with ham and cheese in a burrito shell – and then heats it. Since we don’t own a microwave, we even “panini” our breakfast burritos. Niles and Dink have cooked burgers in it :), without the bun of course. It’s a lot quicker than frying one up in a pan.  You can make some pretty interesting things on this, and on a scale from one to ten I would rate it a 10.

I could not find the model we purchased on Amazon, but the model number is YDE811 and it is from the company BELLA. In general, panini makers are handy to have around.

It’s funny, we got it for our parents but they rarely ever use it – us kids do 🙂

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