Churches: Open for Business!

Posted: June 28, 2015 in Articles

Recently, a service was begun by the “Face Six” facial recognition company. The service is called Churchix, and it came out just four months ago. Thirty churches from around the world are currently using it. They scan their regular attendees’ faces and use the data they get to know which people attend what services, events, etc. They also use the technology to find out which people are regular attendees and ask those people for donations.

Probably only churches with large or medium congregations would use this technology, but let’s be honest; it sounds like the purpose is only to get money. While obviously every church needs money, every service has an offertory; do they really want to be in the business of pressuring people to give?

In any case, whether or not those churches need more money, it sounds like using Churchix is just turning gathering together on Sundays into a business.

It’s certainly becoming easier and easier to tell which churches are real.


Source: Churches Are Now Using Facial Recognition to Increase Attendance and Donations

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